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[Anyone have information on Bruce Sparrow?] 
          Bruce was at the Eastern Workshop 
          with CD and trailer 

    Bill Best - Carbon Dragon Project 

     Ozzie Haynes  1/2005  ... worth your time to look 
     Stéphane Abbet  
     Steve Arndt 
     Graham Betts  
     Mark Dunstone 
     Clyde Farquar 
     Daniel Indermühle 
     Jim Maupin 
     Gary Osoba 
     Frank Smallman

     Alan Sayers   1/2005 
     Ya, Japan  2/2005  Load Testing Images ... worth your time to look 
     Michael Larson and Matt Ruddell 
     Erik J. Brans  
     Brian Davis 
     Kevin Lane 
     Hugo Lienhart 
     Wayne Meier  
     Jim Mills 
     Johnathon Pitt 
     Gytis Tamulaitis 

No Longer Builder:  
     H. F. Blanton (Fred is no longer selling kits) 
     Mark Crist  ... Successfully sold parts and plans 
    S. Steve Adkins 

 This page contains two tables:  Carbon Dragon Builders and Carbon Dragons flying.

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Kitplanes, January 2000, reports that 35 Carbon Dragon sailplanes are built.  Below are listed 9 flying and 18 building.  Don Santee in "The History of the Sailplane Homebuilders Association" reports 110 sets of drawings sold, 3 built and 2 flying.  I am the holder of drawings set #248. 

Builder  Changes and other notes Started First Flight Location
Ozzie Haynes 
Link to huge photos submitted by Alan Sayers 
1/2005: Waiting on the Uk weather for the first test flight.  Final finished weight 159 pounds. 
9/28/2003: Wing load tested the Dragon yesterday,Saturday. It passed at 3g  465 kilos approximately 1000lbs.The wings weighs 27 lbs each.  
    Fuselage, seat and harness 50 lbs. 
    One Flapperon weighs 9.5 lbs. 
    Rudder, tailplane and elevator weighs 9 lbs.
2000 2005 soon U.K.
Stéphane Abbet  
New Website: 
Stéphane has created a new website with the largest number of contruction and flying images of the Carbon Dragon. 
- A must visit website -
A photo at this website shows the bare frame which looks too pretty to cover.  Just before covering,  Stéphane reported1300 hours work.  Stéphane is in the covering process and hopes to fly before the end of the year.  More photos!  Very detailed  
1995 2000 Switzerland, in Geneva
Daniel Indermühle  

or try:                          


Now flying!  See 5 great photos at:
Daniel reports, "After four years of building, and of course at least one sleepless night, the first flight of my great love affair has been performed last sunday, december the 17. 2000, at the airport of interlaken, by towing behind a car.  First "flight" was just about 5 meters above ground to make sure the plane does what I expected of it. Then followed two towings up to 200 meters ground.  Thanks a lot to any body for all the help, whether it was support in building, technical advice, encouraging, or just doubts if this thing would ever fly!  Well it does - an as far as I could find out in the short flights - it does quite well!!"  Previous reports:  Building stronger wing.  Complete load test at 4G (with total weight plane + pilot 150 kg) two-piece door in place of one-piece. I have redesigned the wing and horizontal-stabilizer with CAD to produce with CNC. DXF-files are available.  Move wheel back.  Concerned about plans vs. amount of aileron deflection. 
4 years ago
December 17, 2000 Burgdorf, Switzerland
Steve Arndt   
update 1/14/2002 - Steve has racked up many hours flying two seasons at Wallaby Ranch in Florida for two seasons.  More recently, Steve replied to my question about twin engines for the Carbon Dragon, "Yes, twin model airplane engines.  I have them both in the shop.  They weigh just 4.7 pounds each and each will generate 8-10 horsepower depending on prop efficiency.  I think one would do but two should give an excellent climb rate.  I'm redesigning the fuselage to accommodate them and a retractable landing gear." 

Debuted at SHA Workshop in Elmira, New York in summer 1999.  Extremely beautifully finished sailplane.  The CD was not allowed to fly at the workshop due to county restrictions. For photos, visit: 
These photos tell it all.  Much of the 1/32 nd plywood was replaced with a combination of two layers of carbon and one light outer layer of fiberglass.  Steve included a BRS.  Steve has completed a static load test for his flying weight. Wing was built using pre-formed composite wing skins which were formed over the wing.  Built carbon fiber gap covers for the tail pieces.  Many innovative changes without compromising the design.  Jigs shown at the last two workshops demonstrated great creativity. 

....UPDATE ....
1/25/2000 - Steve Reports:  "Got back a week ago from a trip to Wallaby Ranch hang glider flight park near Orlando,  Florida.  Trailered the Dragon down.  I flew for four days and logged a total of just over 19 hours of airtime!  The glider is a blast.  First to soar, last to land.  I'm going again every month this winter." 
....UPDATE ....
October 16, 2000  Since then, Steve has flown over 90 hours in his Carbon Dragon.  For a synopsis of his building process and thoughts on this design, visit: 
About three years ago Summer 1999 Concord 
New Hampshire
Jim Maupin  Now owned by Gary Osoba , prolific writer, who has made notable flights in  the Prototype built by the late Jim Maupin.  Jim built this glider extremely light as a proof-of-concept.  Goal was 100 pounds, actual was 145 pounds.  Normally, no homebuilt is ever built as light as the designer's prototype.  Note: a crescent wrench is "permanently" duct-taped to the tail to improve the CG.
Please do not contact the Maupin ... they no longer sell plans
- prototype Tehachapi, California 
 .... now 
Wichita, Kansas
Plans holder #6.  Kitplanes reports that Smallman used West Systems Epoxy.  Bill Moyes is providing aerotows with the  TUG for aerotow. 
Bill Moyes, 2-4 Taylor Street, Waverly 2024, NSW, Australia Phone: 02-3187 5114 Fax 02 387 4472
- - Glen Innes 
N.S.W. 2370, Australia
Graham Betts  Changed incidence on H. Stab.  Building parallel to the boom results in heavy nose down pitch.  Also, Betts at 198 pounds, changed his seating position towards the rear which required extensions on the rudder pedals. SHA 12/97 -  2/1/96 
Flight tested the Carbon Dragon at high speed for flutter, oscillations or instability.  Noted that cutting carbon fibers damages saw blades.  Controls are light, easy to thermal, plenty of stall warning, spoiler is effective, and large rudder is effective ... from Kitplanes, page 32 - - PO Box 10492, Wellington, 
New Zealand 
Clyde Farquar With Betts above in SHA 12/97 ... two CDs in one photo! 
Note:  Two flying CDs in one photo! 
   Graham Betts and Clyde Farquar, Australia 
  [See photograph in the Sailplane Builder, December 1997, page 7] 
- - Australia

Building (below)
Builder Plans Changes and other notes Started Location
Alan Sayers  
504? 5/2004:  I intend to start building within the next six to eight weeks. I am currently "building" a 3D model in CAD / modelling software as I figure it will save me some time in the long run. I have digitised the airfoils for every station  and am checking the camber, thickness and reynolds numbers to get a better understanding of Irv Culvers approach. I also intend to run the airfoils through XFoil and to run the 3D wing / model through some fluid flow cfd software I have available. 

Have received some great help so far ..... Ozzie Haynes, Doug Hoffman, Yasuhi in Japan, David Swanson kindly sending me details 
of Irv Culvers twist analysis, Dan Howells drop dead 
gorgeous LightHawk wing. Stephane Abbett also responded by email. 

5/2004 UK
Ron Draper 
#401 Hi, I just bought a set of Carbon Dragon Plans #401 from Guy Farser .  I already own a Woodstock glider.   Do you Know of anyone that could help me get a copy of the builders manual for the Carbon Dragon . My plans arrived in the origanial tube that Guy recived them in but the tube was open on one end when they were delivered to me . Regardlees there was no builders manual inclosed . So now I have the plans and no builders manual . 
I don't know what to do about that yet . just try to find one . 
I will start building and cutting parts while I search for a copy of the builders manual . 
If you would like to add me as a builder please do . 
Ronald Draper 
1359 Shell Rd . 
Goodlettsville Tn 
Plans # 401 building from 
                                                          Thank You 
                                                          Ron Draper
Alan Sayers  
#504 Unfortunately I was a little too late to obtain plans from the Maupins, just missed out when I went to place my 
order.  I intend to start building within the next six to eight weeks. I am 
currently "building" a 3D model in CAD / modelling software as I figure it 
will save me some time in the long run. I have digitised the airfoils for 
every station  and am checking the camber, thickness and reynolds numbers to 
get a better understanding of Irv Culvers approach. I also intend to run the 
airfoils through XFoil and to run the 3D wing / model through some fluid 
flow cfd software I have available. 
4/2004 Britain
Yasushi Akahori  
- Many project photos at including carbon parts, tail feathers, carbon spar, spar box drawings.  A must see website!  First contact with Ya was 5/14/2002 
Newest images (Feb 2005) demonstrate load testing.   Other builders have commented on the help they received from Ya and his website.
- Nagoya 
Bill Best 
1776 S. Palo Verde #110 
Tucson, AZ 85713 
-   For Sale: Carbon Dragon ultralight sailplane project, forward wing complete along with flaperon kits, pod (carbon), tail boom and tail surfaces complete, all materials to finish project, 29' tandem Airstream trailer, 23' inside, gutted of all appl/furn.  $15,000 for all.  - -
Michael Larson 
Matt Ruddell
- I have started building and would love to coordinate in any way.  Anything that will reduce the time time taken is welcome, so get in touch with me.  I'll put up a website on my CD progress as soon as I hit 10% or so.  I am building a single plane together with Matt Ruddell.  Hopefully it won't take 
too long. 
5/2002  ? 
Alejandro Ramirez-Pineiro 
A very improved, modern Carbon Dragon-like glider being produced in Chili.  Its name is MANQUE which means Condor in mapuchean.  Note: for nearly 50 years, gliders have been built in Chile. 

See website, Aerodynamic Analysis of the Carbon Dragon Airfoils.  Also, producing carbon seat pan for sale. 

[Ultralight_Soaring] Digest Number 300 
Date: Sun, 11 Aug 2002 22:09:04 -0400 
From: "Alejandro Ramirez-Pineiro" 

Yesterday we made the RH wing spar of the Manque UL glider. Photos on website: 
1.- total of man hours: 50 
2.- upper cap: 185 carbon rovings of 800 tex 
3.- lower car: 130 carbon rovings of 800 tex 
4.- spar web: 5 layers at +/- 45 degrees (per side) stepped to 1 at the tip 
5.- foam cores: 12 mm 
6.- two hard points made of sandwich of 6 mm plywood and 20 layers of carbon 
fabric per side 
7.- vacuum bagging at -0.7 bar for 12 hours 
8.- curing time of 24 hours at elevated room temperature of 25 - 27 °C.

2000 Chile
Erik J. Brans  
- Progress is slow for a variety of reasons including a new baby and moving. At the moment I am carving out a working space for my CD and will continue with the production of the wing and flaperon ribs. The empennage is finished.  Because I am heavier than Maupin, I have chosen a slightly stronger carbon on advice of AMOCO, where I bought the carbon (Thornel T350/35, 12K, 309NT) and will build the wing in a way that the leading edge is in one line, that moves the pressure point forward just enough to compensate for my heavier weight. 
- The Netherlands 
Kevin Lane 
- Kevin is currently 75% done with the empennage and will start the wings this winter. 
... update 7/24/2001 ...
We just moved back to our first house, so I have to set up the shop again.  I have one half-completed flaperon and the empennage hanging up in the rafters. 
2000 Portland, OR
Brian Davis  - Has plans.  Reviewing the plans in detail.  [update] Brian has developed a Word version of the Carbon Dragon Builders Manual complete with drawings.  See home page (right hand column in table). 1999 Edmonton, AB 
Doug Hoffman  
- - - Oakland, Michigan 
Wayne Meier  
- Working on tail.  Plenty of Sitka Spruce on hand with lengths up to 24' that 1999 ?
Hugo Lienhart  - Much progress 
Cloud Base - email:
1993 Switzerland, in Geneva
Syd Hall - Building modified Carbon Dragon with 3-piece wing which uses carbon yarn wrapped around a tang bolt with Kevlar 969 reinforcement.  Composite, shoulder wing, one-piece fuselage with rectangular cross-section pod. - -
- Highly modified Carbon Dragon + Minisigma blended sailplane named FoulAir (Sailplane Builder 8/97 pages 5 and 8).  Has slotted flaps for 2:1 increase in wing area.  Stalls at 20 mph.  SHA, 9/97 - -
Jim Mills - See article, Sailplane Builder December 1997.  Kevlar Pod 90 % complete.   Boom finished.  Tail surface ready for skinning.  Tow hook made on his own mill (look at his name again!).  Jim Mills had a wonderful exhibit of his Carbon Dragon parts at the Western SHA workshop at Tehachapi.  - -
- Written several excellent articles for Sailplane Builder.  aprox 1995 -
- Building a three piece wing based on Mitchell Wing construction techniques - -
- - - TN
- Attended 1996 Easter SHA Workshop at Elmira - -
- - - Palm Springs 
- - - -
- - - - -
No Longer Building (below)

Mark Crist  
Mark is in Iraq for a tour of duty.  All building plans are on hold.  Recently, Mark decided to build a  Sandlin BUG.  His CD Plans have been sold.  Mark sold Carbon Dragon parts and plans.  See: 
Tail pieces, wing ribs, carbon hinges are finished.  Using H. F. Blanton's plywood kit. The wing mid-ribs were built on Mark's kitchen table. Presently building a "Bug" ultralight. 
Steve Adkins  
(me, the webmaster)
Built mockup of the front half of the pod.  Cockpit space is on par with the K-21 if you add 1 inch in width at station 24.0 to reach 18 inches (I believe the original design was 16 inches and expanded to 17 inches before completing the prototype). Project on hold due to pilot weight. 3/1998 Twin Cities 
H. F. Blanton 707-451-3341 
4785 Esquivel Road,Vacaville, CA 95688
Fred is no longer building the die-cut plywood kits for the Carbon Dragon. - Vacaville, 

A Few Links (see more on homepage):
      Builder's photos 
            Note that the Manque and Cepheus are Carbon Dragon derivatives.
            Unfortunately, the Cepheus website is not responding.

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