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[Updated: 13 August 2004]  
Jim Maupin considered the Carbon Dragon a flying prototype for a glider that could exploit weak lift; thus able to soar on most days.  He expected the design/building community to take the design to the next step.  If you  share this objective,  please visit the SHA website for access to newer designs which have taken the Jim Maupin design several steps further. ... Sailplane Homebuilders Association ... Projects by SHA members
Two gliders which have taken the Carbon Dragon to the "next step" are the Magic Dragon and the Sparrow Hawk (see below).

The September Kitplanes features the Carbon Dragon ... Jim Arndt's Magic Dragon. 
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Sirius Avition is working on making plans available.

photo by S. Steve Adkins: Image of Steve Arndt's Magic Dragon - a extension of the Carbon Dragon Steve Arndt's Magic Dragon at Harris Hill 
Photo by S. Steve Adkins
Included in the Kitplanes article were links to:
Sirius support for the Carbon Dragon
Include nice summary of material estimated costs for the Carbon Dragon
The home page for this website is:
Welcome to the world headquarters of Sirius Aviation, the guys that help bring you the thrill of building and flying your own airplane.


Gary Osoba, pilot of 3 SparrowHawk world records says   "It is a peach to land."
Carbon Dragon - most links within this website: Important Links to Carbon Dragon related websites: Safety Page  ... Includes links to a searchable Hazardous Database 
Minnesota SHA members start construction on full-size 1903 Wright Flyer designed by the Wright Brothers Fight Spam! Click Here! 
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