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The original safety page link has disappeared.  This link pointed to an extensive searchable list; wherein, the visitor enterred a chemical or material (epoxy) upon which the site provides the dangers associated with the material.

A few other sites which are not as good.  U of Akron - Hazardous Chemical Database: Allows search.
    Once you reach the detail page, search for and click on "Guide" under "Registry numbers and hazard ratings"   ATSDR - Medical Management Guidelines for Acute Chemical Exposures  American Tinnitus Association - Noise in ears due to hearing damage 

I am quickly placing this warning for your consideration.
Do your own research to ensure safety for your family and yourself.

Please be forewarned that in building the Carbon Dragon or any composite aircraft, you will be subjected to a larger variety of dangers.  Chemicals can cause hearing damage, brain damage, lung and skin damage.  Power tools can cause injury and hearing damage.   The sources of danger include:

- paint
- epoxy
- carbon fibers (stabbing wound) or breathing particles in the air due to sanding

- I know of several cases of  fingers and one thumb being cut off (but not when building aircraft)
- Drilling through flesh (to myself)

Sensitization or allergy build up:
- Latex gloves and the powder in them
- Epoxy materials

- From oils on aluminum sheet

Hearing Damage:
- From noise from tools
- From fumes from some epoxy materials ... heavy fumes may create a ringing in the ears over a period of time!

From your material sources, request all the material data and safety precautions required.

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